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Not another “anti-bullying” program–Core Day is a student-centered experience for an intentionally selected group of students. Core Day captures students’ attention and powerfully redefines how students relate. This is an experience that is for empathy, compassion, and understanding, and it begins and ends in the classroom, where it is needed the most. Core Day is not just another assembly program, but rather a values-based, barrier breaking, behavior-shaping initiative to create connection and improve school climate.

Core Day will...

  • Replace empty anti-bullying initiatives and create pro-social norms that promote friendship and mutual respect.

  • Open the lines of communication, eliminate divisive barriers, while celebrating differences.

  • Provide students with an excuse and a means to treat others with more respect.

  • Help students discover that differences do not have to be divisive and gain understanding that we are all a lot more alike than we are different.

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Educator Workshops

Teaching from the Inside Out – Gaining trust and becoming more approachable

Connection is the key – and the keys to connection are compassion and understanding. The more we understand why students behave the way they do, the more we can have compassion. When that happens, trust begins to grow as the connection makes us more approachable. Additionally, the more we understand why we react the way we do, then we have a recipe for success. This workshop will provide educators with a fun and introspective glimpse into the behavioral dynamics shaping how we come across to young people. Though a process of self-awareness, group discussion, and interactive elements, participants will take a closer look at how behaviors are experienced and managed. Participants will walk away with an intentional plan to become more approachable to students.


Social-Emotional Competencies: Building up Students from the Inside Out

Social-emotional learning is becoming a staple in many schools and districts across the country, and with good reason. Helping students understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, and develop meaningful relationships creates protective learning environments and supports academic success. Unfortunately, we can no longer assume students are coming to school with these skills intact. In a day when traditional sources of connection and support are eroding, it is becoming more and more essential to view social and emotional development as a means to academic performance, and not just a supplement. Through an interactive process, this workshop will make a convincing case for embedding social and emotional learning into the school environment.

custom professional development or team-building

Public education is crucial to the foundation of our society. We can’t even begin to imagine a world without it. Therefore, it is just as crucial to invest in the educators who make it all possible. We love to affirm, up lift, and unify staff. Whether your school has a need to help staff become united, or you just want to celebrate how incredible they all are, we are able to create a tailored experience they will not soon forget.

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