The right social-emotional learning game-plan can help every student succeed in the classroom...and beyond.


The Core Project can help.

We are on a mission to help schools implement a school-wide system that helps every kid acquire the skills they need to be successful. The Core Project has the research and expertise to make it happen. 

We love to support teachers with practical skills and tools to help them connect better with students. Because when teachers succeed, students succeed. Teachers are the heart of the school, and when teachers are happy, school culture is better.


Here's what you can expect from The Core Project:

  • We love public education. There’s no one we respect more than educators. 

  • We’re the people behind Core Lessons, the curriculum that lets you help every student develop and practice SEL skills on a weekly basis. The tool that teachers love to use because it supports what they already do naturally.

  • We work exclusively with schools who want to develop all kids at all levels. We care about nothing more than helping teachers be successful in the classroom.

  • We work with teachers, we coach administrators, and we train entire staff teams. We even work with student leaders and work with you to design custom leadership retreats.

  • In addition to consulting, Greg Sommers, our Founder, is an inspiring and dynamic public speaker. If you want an event that engages educators at the core of who they are, hire Greg.

  • We take a research-based approach to Social-Emotional Learning. CASEL is our guide.

  • We care a lot about connection and relationships. We believe in developing people from the inside out.

  • All our services, trainings, and curriculum are based on providing experiences as a pathway to learning.



Here are the criteria you can use to figure out if you’d be a good fit for The Core Project services.


The Core Project Partner School Criteria:

  • You want a simple, engaging way to engage all students in SEL consistently.

  • You are ready to change how you use your time. This means spending time proactively empowering all students rather than losing time, over and over, to challenging behavior.

  • You are a decision maker with the authority to move the process along.

  • You’re committed to changing the culture of your school.

  • You want to work with a dynamic team who “gets it.”


If you said yes to all of the above, let’s get started by having you schedule a 15-minute phone consultation with us.

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